Project Logistics

We study customer requirements to develop new product.
We strengthen cross-strait interaction to extend logistics services.
We provide worldwide service for supply chain management.


  • We have the certificate of qualification to securely handle DG Cargo.
  • In order to fully understand the latest regulations, we send our employees to take training of transportation for DG Cargo and Explosive Cargo.
  • We can provide you the professional consultation and assistance about DG Cargo and other special cargo.
  • We have experiences for handling Exhibition Cargo and Stage Performance Cargo.
  • We have sufficient experiences for handling Turn-key Project and Break Bulk Cargo.
  • Trucking/ Distribution/ Warehousing/ Declaration/ Inspection/ Palletization/ Insurance Service
  • Based on location, traffic condition and cargo category, we can provide customized warehouses for our clients.
  • We provide you the real one-stop service. In other words, we can handle your cargo while transporting through process of declaration, inland trucking, air/sea freight…etc.
  • We have a specific contact person for our clients and provide a customized plan for you.